Keynote: The great
wellbeing realisation

Watch the keynote opening from Susanne Jacobs, Founder, The Seven, at our CHRO virtual roundtable. 👉

As we start to ease out of lockdown orientating ourselves to a new, yet uncharted territory, we face significant risks and great opportunities. We have the unique chance to reimagine and reshape our workplaces so they are fit for a human future within the 4th industrial era. To adapt and thrive we need to create the conditions that unleash human creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. Conditions that establish a psychologically safe space that promotes health and wellbeing – the true key performance indicator. Susanne brings us the neuropsychology that underpins this human-fit environment and the critical factors that drive intrinsic motivation for cognitive advantage.

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SusanneAbout Susanne Jacobs MBA, Chartered FCIPD, FCMI

Susanne Jacobs is an organisational behaviour and performance specialist, focussing on trust and intrinsic motivation, who helps organisations create sustainable environments where people feel engaged, energised and inspired to contribute. 

Susanne’s work is based on over a decade of research into the neurobiology of human performance and what truly motivates people to think and act differently. Susanne delivers knowledge and practical tools that are easy to grasp and apply so an organisation can achieve cultural change and strengthen leadership capability. 

Susanne was recently named as one of the top 100 Thought Leaders in the world by Trust Across America. Her work draws on over 28 years of business experience, 19 years of which were at KPMG, in leadership roles with her final role being head of Finance Operations and People. She completed her Masters in International Business with the business schools of Edinburgh University and Paris ENPC and has Post Graduate Certificates in Organisational Development and Advanced Leadership Techniques. She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and a member of the Neuroleadership Institute. She is the author of DRIVERS, Creating Trust and Motivation at Work. 

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