Elephant in the workplace.

Enormous, evident and now exposed: poor financial wellbeing is the elephant in the room.

  • 52% of employees worry about money at least once a week.
  • 66% feel unsupported by their employer when it comes to financial wellbeing.
  • And 88% of HR professionals say change must come from the c-suite.

The uncomfortable truth is rising levels of financial stress is taking business performance and productivity captive. As a result, people’s inability to talk about money has grown, it’s enormous, it’s evident and now it’s exposed.

Poor financial wellbeing is the elephant in the room.

42% of employers say financial stress has negatively impacted their business this year

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  • The current financial wellbeing landscape and recent landslide caused by COVID-19​
  • The impact poor financial wellbeing is having on engagement, productivity and performance​
  • A workplace perception gap and a call for c-suites to lead real change on financial wellbeing​
  • Confirmation that financial knowledge and skills is what employees want, even more than a higher salary.​

Let’s expose the elephant –and address poor financial wellbeing head on.

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Key report themes


Poor financial wellbeing impacts the mind and business.

25% of people said their mental health has suffered as a result of money worries.


Change must come from the top.

88% of HR and reward leaders said their board could better support them when it comes to driving financial wellbeing at work.


Financial literacy and skills first.

85% of people said having skills and knowledge is important for their financial wellbeing.


“This year’s events have had a huge impact on many aspects of people’s lives, including their financial wellbeing – and this is taking a toll on business performance and productivity. There are powerful actions that employers can take right now to help employees feel more in control of their finances, from opening up the conversation about money within the workplace to helping them develop the right skills and knowledge. Not only will this improve their general wellbeing, it will enable them to dedicate more time and attention to their job – boosting overall company performance. But these initiatives must be driven from the top. Leadership teams have a responsibility to empower every level of their business and ensure their teams feel supported as we navigate this uncertain period.”
Jeremy Beament, co-founder of nudge. 

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